The Australian Marine Sciences Association (AMSA), is one of Australia's oldest marine science professional organisations. In August 1962, 43 marine scientists met to canvas the idea of forming an association of Australian marine scientists. The inaugural meeting of AMSA was held at at the CSIRO Marine Laboratories in Cronulla, NSW on 18-19 May 1963. Although not all were able to participate in the first conference, AMSA had 130 Foundation members. AMSA has grown to be the major professional association for marine scientists from all disciplines in Australia.The annual conference continues to provide an opportunity for delegates from throughout Australia to get together to learn about the latest marine sciences research, and to benefit from the interaction with colleagues from around Australia and overseas.


A brief summary of AMSA's history:


 Five Decades of Shaping the Future of Marine Science in Australia


 Our Modern History 1984-Present by Lynnath Beckley and Fred Wells


 History of AMSA (1963-1984) by Jim Thompson


                                                      AMSA 40 Year Members

2002Alberto Albani, Joe Baker, Isobel Bennett, Raymond Brown, Albert Caton, Alan Cribb, Don Fielder, Jack Greenwood, Bruce Hamon, George Humphrey, Scoresby Shepherd, Jim Thompson, Jan Watson
2003 John Lucas, Bruce Phillips, Dave Pollard 
2005 Ian Brown, Frank Talbot 
2006 Rod Simpson, Alan Jones 
2009 Loisette Marsh, Ross Winstanley, Chris Smalley, Wolfgang Zeidler 
2010 Ian Kirkegaard, Helene Marsh, Gary Poore 
2011 Pat Hutchings 
2012 Rob Day, Neville Exxon, Ross Quinn 
2013 Alan Butler, Penny Berents, Terry Done, Bill McCormick, Richard Thompson  
2014Peter Millington, Barry Russell
2015Hugh Kirkman, David Ritz, Bruce Hodgson
2016Andy Short, Bill Reed, David Macmillan